Job: Executive Assistant / Deputy Director

Applications Due: August 23, 2020 (we suggest applying early)

About Pivot Food Investment

We encourage large institutional investors (e.g. colleges, pensions, trusts) to divest from factory farming and invest in alternative proteins. Complementing these efforts, we work with journalists to inspire stories that stigmatize investment in factory farms and encourage investment in plant-based products and companies. Core to Pivot’s programs, we work within influential communities capable of leveraging the financial world to effectively transition the food system away from factory farming and toward more just food ventures.

About the role

This is not an entry level position. The Executive Assistant will play a critical role in our team and projects. We embrace the concept of servant leadership and see assistants as integral to Pivot’s success.

There will be some uninteresting tasks, but you’ll also have your hands in a lot of exciting projects. It is important to us that each team member be given the freedom and support they need to enjoy their work as they get things done. You’re going to learn a lot and make a real impact. We are growing quickly and the ideal applicant will be interested in more responsibility in the future. 

Join our team as an Executive Assistant if you want to help with:

  • Drafting and responding to emails
  • Scheduling, attending, running, and/or preparing agendas for meetings 
  • Writing/editing outreach content and correspondence going to investors/journalists
  • Completing day-to-day administrative and clerical tasks 
  • Researching and collecting information
  • Managing/delegating a running task list and providing updates on pending tasks
  • Coordinating travel and accommodations
  • Maintaining social media accounts
  • Onboarding new team members
  • Reviewing job and volunteer applications
  • Preparing grant applications
  • Giving feedback on the work of other team members
  • Supporting team members proactively as needed
  • Maintaining relationships with external parties (staff at partnering organizations, asset managers, venture capitalists, philanthropy managers, journalists, etc)

Who we are looking for

Good applicants will be reliable, competent, eager to learn, and hard working. 


  • Minimum of five years experience working in related roles
  • A demonstrated interest in animal protection and just food systems
  • Strong writing skills
  • Proactive and eager to solve problems and pursue opportunities
  • Able to communicate professionally within a fully remote and growing team
  • Strong research and technical skills are an asset
  • A genuine passion for helping people

We want the best people, and we don’t want biases holding us back. We strongly encourage people of every color, orientation, age, gender, origin, and ability to apply. We believe diverse opinions and backgrounds will only make us stronger and enhance our impact.  We aim to foster a hiring process and workplace rooted in the values of respect, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Bits about the position

  • Hours: Full-time, flexible hours (between 8am-6pm preferred)
  • Location: Remote (Eastern time zone prefered)
  • Work environment: Fast-paced and friendly
  • Reports to: Director of Operations
  • Salary: 45,000 USD (year 1); 50,000 USD (year 2)

How to apply

Submit an application through the form found below.

Know that we want you to be successful. Show us why you are great. Seriously, we get a lot of applications, so make it easy for us to decide to hire you. Include examples and let us know about you and your past accomplishments. Make clear how you are consistent, reliable, and a joy to work with.

The most impressive things about you might not be from your work. Don’t be shy, and don’t filter out the best things about you just because they are not directly related to work. We believe that how you do anything is how you do everything. So let us know if you’ve run marathons, sold the most girl scout cookies, or raised a cool kid. It’ll be humans reading your application. Show us you are awesome.

Executive Assistant Application

Executive Assistant Application

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