A bit about Pivot Food Investment

We encourage large institutional investors (e.g. colleges, pensions, trusts) to divest from factory farming and invest in alternative proteins. Complementing these efforts, we work with journalists to inspire stories that stigmatize investment in factory farms and encourage investment in plant-based products and companies. Core to Pivot’s programs, we work within influential communities capable of leveraging the financial world to effectively transition the food system away from factory farming and toward more just food ventures.

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How to apply

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Know that we want you to be successful. Show us why you are great. Seriously, we get a lot of applications, so make it easy for us to decide to bring you on to the team. Include examples and let us know about you and your past accomplishments. Make clear how you are consistent, reliable, and a joy to work with.

The most impressive things about you might not be from your work. Don’t be shy, and don’t filter out the best things about you just because they are not directly related to work. We believe that how you do anything is how you do everything. So let us know if you’ve run marathons, sold the most girl scout cookies, or raised a cool kid. It’ll be humans reading your application. Show us you are awesome.

There is no future in factory farming.

Investors are abandoning industrial animal agriculture.